Applied Mathematics Letters

*Linkage between the unit logarithmic capacity in the theory of complex variables and the degenerate scale in the BEM/BIEMs (要檔案請洽原作者)(檔名:aml2013-kuo-final.pdf) 文章有人看

*S.R. Kuo, S.K. Kao, Y.L. Huang, J.T. Chen, 2018, Revisit of the degenerate scale for an infinite plane problem containing two circular holes using conformal mapping, Applied Mathematics Letters,Vol.92, pp.99–107 .(2018AML乙玲學姊獎狀)

*J. T. Chen. S. R. Kuo, Y L Huang and S K Kao, 2019, Linkage of logarithmic capacity in potential theory and degenerate scale in theBEM for the two tangent discs, Applied Mathematics Letters, Vol.102, 106135 .(2019AML乙玲學姊獎狀)